BAH talks: Frequently Asked Questions About Military Housing

Moving to Hawaii with your family can be a little bit intimidating and inconvenient to think about. Most military families find it a challenge to be familiar with the ways of life in the islands. However, this is not a situation where you have the choice.   

We know the struggles so we list here the frequently asked questions so if you find yourself caught in the situation. You would find out that living in Hawaii can be a fun experience rather than a challenging one.   

Is it Free?  

Housing for the military in the islands depends on three important factors: dependents, marital status, and rank. The members who have a family can either choose to live on base or off base and will be provided with a monthly basic allowance for their housing expenses (BAH). Hawaii BAH is currently mandated by the DOD to denominate 90% for the housing bills and 5% for personal pocket use. If you are without a family, you live on base until you reach a certain rank in order to choose to stay on base or live off base.   

Are civilians allowed to live on base?  

If you are a military member dependent, you are allowed to live on base. However, allowing civilians to live on base with the members and their dependents, although possible, is not something very common to happen. It is because if the space allocated is spacious enough to accommodate all military members and their dependents, the housing company may and can spare the extra spaces and houses for the civilians who want to live on base. But again, this is something not common to happen.   

Are civilians allowed to enter the military base?  

Civilians may be allowed to go inside the military base provided that they present and carry with them their identification card that is valid and legal like a driver’s license or passport. Moreover, you will need to be escorted by a military member. If having an escort can be too much for you, you can stay in the visitor center.   

Does a member get BAH if she/he lives on base?  

The basic allowance for housing is provided to all military members who live off base and on base. In fact, they have the luxury to choose if whether to live on base or off base. BAH amount varies depending on rank, a number of dependents, and location. Some off-base locations may be more expensive than the on-base areas.   

BAH in Hawaii  

If you have experienced living off base before, you would see that Hawaii does not differentiate itself from other off base areas. What makes Hawaii different, perhaps, is the luxurious scenery that you can have in the islands. Hawaii is rich in different recreational activities, from sports to sightseeing. If you are fond of nature, then the place can be a relaxing place to live in.   

Additionally, living off base in Hawaii oftentimes lasts up to three years. Take note that housing is temporary and you need to move to another area again. Make most of your experience in a place that is considered to be a tourist spot.   

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Trusted Roofer to Hire

It could be very satisfying to find a reliable service company to work with you. Other people have a hard time finding someone that they can trust because of their past experiences. It is nice that you can get some advice from your close friends as they could have someone to recommend. Most of your relatives will also give their opinions and insights when choosing a company or a service provider. This is why you have to open your mind and be mindful about making decisions to avoid regrets.  

Remember that not all the things that you can read on the Internet are genuine. There are cases that they have to put that one for them to attract more clients and customers. If you think that this website looks suspicious, then you have to research more about their services. You can ask their previous clients so that you can get to know more of their experience with this company. It will help you choose the best roofer in town since this is what you want to achieve. 

There are chances as well that you will be having a hard time filtering out that feedback. It could be that there are too many things to consider. Others would use to find out those companies with bad feedback or negative review. This would be easier for them to get rid of and then find one company that will stand out. We cannot avoid those companies that have some mistakes and even experience customers who are not satisfied. It’s nice that you’re open to accepting their fault and errors. 

Whenever you check our roofing company’s website, you have to get to know more of their reviews. This will show what abilities do they have. Most of the clients will leave excellent or negative feedback according to the services they had. If you can see that most of the reviews are positive, you have to give them a try and call them. There are cases where you have to ask them some questions, and this is when you get to know whether they can answer them or not. 

If you were very picky and you wanted to know more about their history, then that’s fine. You can ask about the year that they started this company. This will give you more confidence to choose them whenever you are satisfied with their answers. There are times that you want to know the company’s background because of the poor or good services they had. You can see this one on their website. You have to be very patient when it comes to reviewing the website of each company. 

Think of the safety measure and guidelines they have for their roofing contractors in Tampa. You want everything to be fine and the incident that may happen there. Whenever they inspect things, you have to ask if those roofers are wearing proper uniforms or have the right tools to use. You cannot get away from the possible questioning of the price if you are not shy, then you can also ask this one during your phone call. 

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Common Drywall Damage

Is the drywall in your home filled with holes and scuffs? Do you have any idea how they got there? There are a lot of things that can damage your drywall. A couple of these issues can be avoided if you follow simple instructions.  

Today, we are going to talk about some of the most common drywall damage, whether it is damaged from poor drywall installation or water damage.  

Termite Damage 

Unluckily, termites can create damage to your drywall. The indications of damage can range from painfully obvious to almost unnoticeable. This depends on how soon you manage to notice them. A couple of indications of termite damage include: 

  • Crumbling baseboards 
  • Paint bubbling 
  • A hollow sound when you knock on the wall 
  • Small pinholes 

You can prevent this from happening if you inspect your home property and hiring a pest control service at the first sign of the pest.  

You can safely fix the drywall if the damage hasn’t affected your home’s structural foundation. If required, get rid of baseboards and completely cut out the damaged drywall. Smooth the surface using a joint compound and replace with new drywall. Also, you can simply hire a professional to do the job for you. 

Small Holes 

There are a lot of things that can cause tiny holes. This includes a door that swings open too hard. You can prevent this from happening if you purchase an adhesive backing plate for your wall. Simply line it up with the corner of the door or the door know and you will prevent any drywall damage.  

You can utilize a joint compound and patch over it if you’ve got to fix a tiny hole in the drywall. Utilize drywall tape to cover the hole and press it into the compound. After 24 hours, the patch will dry. This is the ideal time to sand it to smoothen the patch. You will have to paint the patch using a similar color to the wall.  

Furniture Scuffs 

Another type of damage you might find are scuff marks. You can usually find these damages if you moved into the house. usually, they are more minor. They’ve got the look similar to a marker or pencil stain. If you move items carefully around your home, you can easily avoid scuffs. Also, you should not place huge furniture too close to the wall. The issue can be solved using a cleaning sponge if the damage hasn’t really ripped off pieces of the wall. 

Popping Nails 

If nails aren’t set properly in the center of the stud or joist, a nail might often pop through the drywall over time. You should not use a hammer to nail it back. The reason for this is that you might do more damage and the nail can come out again eventually. All you have to do is to get rid of the nail and look for the stud. After that, nail it through at a different point. This will help you ensure that the nail is securely and properly fastened in the drywall.  

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Roof Cleaning Tips During Spring


Once the winter season is over, the snow starts to melt everywhere. During this time, it would be best to start your spring cleanup routine. The winter season is your shingle’s top enemy. The cleanup and inspection are important especially that your roof had to endure storms and thick layer of snow during the past season. If you are not capable of doing the roof cleaning yourself, you can ask the assistance of commercial roofing professionals. But if you want to do it the DIY way, do the following.  

Missing Shingles and Flashing 

Inspect your roof for any missing shingle, flashing or damaged chimney. The winter weather could be harsh that’s why you have to do an inspection once it ever. A small check-up will uncover issues with bends in the roof, damaged vents and flashing and missing shingles.  

Gutter Damage 

Your roof suffers from heavy snow during the winter season. This will result to gutter damage that will affect the structural integrity of your roof. The debris and leftover fall leaves can also clog the gutters. Before the spring season arrives, inspect the water flow from through the gutter. If you also notice loose nails, fix them to avoid them form preventing the gutters from being intact.  


Since winter involves snow, moisture is always present. There would always be a possibility that this moisture has penetrated the shingles and flashing. If you notice discolored streaks on your roof, that’s an indication that algae, mold and fungus is present. There are many cleaning solutions that can kill mold, you just have to ask a manufacturer what’s best for the type of roofing you have. If you have shingle roof, avoid power washing because it can cause failure to the shingle.  


Like mentioned, the growth of moss is also highly possible because of the moisture that winter weather brought. You can solve this by removing leaves and cutting back trees so you allow the sunlight to dry the moisture that sits on the roof. There are products available that can reduce moss, but the chemicals cam cause damages to the plants. Another solution for this is nailing copper strips and nail zinc to the ridgeline, this way you are preventing the moss from growing.  

Leaves and Pine Needles 

Few pine needles or leaves are just fine, if they are small in quantity, they can’t cause damage. But if the leaves are accumulated and deep enough to hold moisture, they should be cleaned off. Anything that can trap moisture has the capacity to grow mildew, cause extra weigh to your roof and even block the gutters. You can clean the roof by using a rake or air blower.  

Tree Limbs 

Trimming the trees are also important. Once the limbs touch the roof, they can easily scrape over the shingles and loosen their granules. This will result to reduced roof lifespan. There are different techniques of trimming during the spring, make sure you apply them so it’s not only the roof you’re protecting from.  

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